Market Research

PartsBase Government Data ' Market Research tool greatly aids contractors by significantly improving the quality of research they run daily on National Stock Numbers and CAGE codes. This allows you to have access to otherwise difficult to locate data, thereby allowing you to delineate the differences and relationships between products and suppliers, and determine the impact on revenue. >> Learn More

One of the most valuable features of the Market Research tool is the ability to closely identify and track Competition, or CAGE codes. Reports supply comparative analytics on competitor's P&L for contracts awarded, giving customers the power to effectively target new business opportunities and recognize areas of strength and weakness in the marketplace. >> Learn More

Contract Bidding

PartsBase Government Data ' Contract Bidding combines coverage of hundreds of defense purchasing facilities, with real-time rules creation and editing, matching by Part Numbers and/or NSNs, FSCs, CAGE Codes (MCRL & Procurement), and Keyword (nomenclature) - even by an entire Source of Supply. Each potential opportunity is delivered with full FLIS and Procurement History to effectively manage and successfully bid. >> Learn More

One of the major benefits of PartsBase Government Data is its ability to access the full spectrum of DoD activity, not just DLA alone. PartsBase Government Data actively scrubs large and small dollar opportunities from DLA, Army, Navy, Airforce, and several other sources of supply to bring customers data from all corners of the DoD, giving them a tool to gain a competitive edge in their marketplace. >> Learn More