In November 2019 Formworks, a contractor of CNU-128/P survival kits used in various aircraft around the world, strategically decided to enter the parts business for our kits in addition to selling the military the complete kit itself. As I attempted to navigate the plethora of information housed in DIBBS, I quickly realized I had neither the time or patience to look through it on a daily basis. I was contacted by PartsBase Government Data – a provider of bids assigned to our cage code and the cage code of the company we bought the rights to the kit from and began a relationship that has produced numerous bids and opportunities for us. In addition to cage codes, users are able to assign key words targeted specifically at the parts business we are trying to acquire. The PartsBase Government Data team has been very supportive with on-going training, research and trouble shooting the bid process. We have already exceeded our annual expenditure for their service by a factor of 20 times. I strongly recommend taking their free demonstration to learn more about their service. I especially want to call out two outstanding employees that have been very helpful to me, Greg *** and Tony ***. They are responsive and professional individuals I like dealing with.

Robert ***
Safety & Compliance Officer

I’d like to personally Thank You and the entire team at PartsBase Government Data for creating such an easy to use platform to assist our company navigate through potential opportunities with the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). Within 60 days of initiating our membership with PartsBase Government Data, we have successfully secured over $575,000 worth of contracts from the DLA, and currently have over $1,000,000 pending approval.

This would not have been possible without using PartsBase Government Data. I highly recommend any company thinking about doing business with the Government directly, to use PartsBase Government Data in order to minimize the headache and maximize the success.

Thanks Again Tony!

Dir. Business Development

PartsBase Government Data has been wonderful to work with and have been a customer for many years. We were using another company before them but never got the friendly support we get from PartsBase Government Data. My contact, Andrew Smith regularly checks in on me which is nice.

Ricky F

Hi Eric,

We have used PartsBase Government Data for nearly 3 years. It has been extremely helpful in allowing us to determine the procurement history, including past pricing, competition, and projected budget for specific National Stock Numbers. It is easy to customize reports for our specific products. This has allowed us to expand rapidly into the Defense marketplace by securing business directly from the US Government. What other market can you determine how much was paid in the past for a product, how much is expected to be paid on future solicitations, and the timeline for procurement? PartsBase Government Data is worth the investment!

Diane H


PartsBase Government Data is an excellent resource. The website provides tools which has unearthed opportunities we could not find elsewhere

Brad B

I really like using PartsBase Government Data - the market research tool helps me assess very quickly whether or not I want to pursue a bid opportunity. It's helped me price products competitively and win contracts!

The information is very useful and consolidates data from several different places that normally would be very tedious to retrieve and summarize. I use it every day as my main research tool for government products.

Mary P

I am William R. Buchanan, I own and run Buchanan Precision Machine in Ojai CA. My shop has stayed in business since 1987 by primarily servicing the needs of the Ram Consortium out of Port Hueneme CA.

A few years back a couple of my close contacts retired and their replacements didn't really warm up to me even though I had provided good service to the group for many years. That coupled with the Obama Administration's under funding of the Military resulted in me having to look for work elsewhere.

One day I took a solicitation call from a "Chris Miano" which normally would have resulted in either me hanging up or just messing with the guy, however right off he told me what PartsBase Government Data did. I was aware that services like this existed, and since all my attempts at finding work on FBO had been abject failures, I was open to the pitch. I was also sold in less than 20 minutes.

He explained how I could filter out all the stuff that didn't pertain to me or my business which eliminated literally hundreds of thousands of useless Govt Solicitations. Immediately thereafter I found a solicitation for a job that I had been sole source on for 20+ years but had not been notified by the Navy that the job had been turned over to the DLA. The DLA even had me as the source for this product but never contacted me.

After I found it I bid it and got the job which netted me $12,500 and since I had all the pieces necessary to complete the job in house it was done in less than one week.

So basically I made 4 times what it cost me to sign up for the service for one year in less than one month after acquiring it.

Kurt Golphin was very helpful in helping me set up filters so that I was only looking at stuff that I could make in house. So far I have made numerous bids and won some and lost some. I am looking for the big tuna every day and sooner or later I will land one.

My latest Handler is Tony Martino who has been very helpful at refining my search criteria, and helping me research items that I am interested in bidding but may not be able to find all needed info myself.

In short, this service pays for itself immediately. The rest is gravy! How much gravy depends on your ability to win bids, but I can assure you that the PartsBase Government Data Staff will assist in any way they can.

They actually want you to succeed.
Others not so much.


"PartsBase Government Data is a valuable service I utilize on a daily basis." "Their concise and up to date data allows me to capture current status and conduct trend analysis." "PartsBase Government Data Senior Defense Analysts are outstanding and highly proactive." I highly recommend their services.

I am not embellishing.


Kenneth L.M.

As Geraldine has just taken over our account recently she has help me a great deal with increasing our work load and giving me suggestions. She is very informative and more than willing to help whenever I call. She answers my questions and if she doesn't have an answer she will research and get back to me with an answer. I do appreciate that. She polite and I enjoy working with her.



I love PARTSBASE GOVERNMENT DATA. It simplifies the process bidding & winning government contracts.

My company has been using PARTSBASE GOVERNMENT DATA for a few months. The service was recommended to me by a very satisfied, current user of PARTSBASE GOVERNMENT DATA. What we have learned so far:

  • PARTSBASE GOVERNMENT DATA is an excellent, efficient, well supported system that streamlined our process and eliminated much NVA work.
  • Our PARTSBASE GOVERNMENT DATA designated support agent, Patrick Loftus is awesome. Patrick has been patient educating us on best practices best utilizing PARTSBASE GOVERNMENT DATA.
  • If you are looking to grow your business, I highly recommend using PARTSBASE GOVERNMENT DATA.

Deborah D

Our company has been using PartsBase Government Data for close to a decade and it has been one of the best business decisions we have ever made. Instead of roaming the barren wasteland of prospective Federal bids, hoping to find something applicable to our business, the PartsBase Government Data program and staff comb the data, and send me daily emails based off of my custom search requirements. Interestingly enough, the PartsBase Government Data emails are also a great indicator of how many RFQ's I'm going to get swamped with from other vendors looking to bid against us with our own products.

Additionally, the volumes of competitive and historical bid data allow me to make smart bids, that allow me to keep my margins as wide as possible, but without taking myself out of the running. The system works, and the staff has always been superb. I've had the same rep for years, and he is fast and responsive of any requests I've asked of him.

If you have any questions, or require further documentation, please feel free to contact me.


Michael H

I have been working with PartsBase Government Data, primary POC - Patrick Loftus for over a year now.

I am happy with the support given, extra attention provided & the overall responsiveness to our many inquiries with regards to downloading, entering new rules and monitoring small business opportunities. Patrick is always responsive and has offered additional services, which we have not yet taken advantage of. I appreciate his willingness to share important competitive data, and the time taken to show me how to maneuver around the website. It is my goal to spend more time learning how to better utilize the site and enable us to win more government awards. Thanks for always being there.

Kathy B

The value of informed decisions...

Good morning afternoon Nick.

With your program I based my pricing to sell o-rings and have won three contracts the past few days that will pay for the purchased program. In less than one week!

I'm impressed and thankful.


Henry Y.
Rivercities HR

Value of PartsBase Government Data to a small SDVOSB after the first year of use:

I've reviewed my 2016 experience as a new user of the PartsBase Government Data Software and the support I received.

  • The PartsBase Government Data software has streamlined our ability to quickly find potential contracts and make decisions about pursuing them. My 2017 goal is to have our internal support person find the work and allow me to focus on negotiating with new vendors.
  • In one place with a few clicks I can quickly limit my search to contracts of interest, $amount and obtain the vendor contact information. Previously this required navigating through multiple DLA systems and opening each contract to find the information to see if met our parameters. This was a large amount of Non Value Added (NVA) work with a long learning curve.
  • My account support person is extremely knowledgeable of both the PartsBase Government Data Software system and the DLA industry. The 2 largest benefits are that he led me through the details over time as my experience grew and is showing me how to expand our business opportunities into local machine shops.
  • In November, I received a call from Ralph, the President, asking me for improvements to the system. He took those inputs with my reasons for needing them. One item was implemented immediately and another is on the list of future enhancements.
Overall, this is an excellent, efficient, well supported system that streamlined our process and eliminated much NVA work. Furthermore, it limits my use of the native DLA systems to completing bids and a few miscellaneous queries. I would be willing to talk with potential customers about our user experience.

Jeff B

I would like to complement the professional follow up of our Customer Service Manager. Having moved from selling software systems to municipal governments to bidding on different types of specialized parts for our Military has been challenging. There are substantial differences and our rep has expert knowledge of this market. He not only has been familiarizing me with the indispensable tool that PartsBase Government Data is for us, but also quite a bit about the market itself. It's uncommon for customer service professionals to be pro-active. Andrew has been pro-active, and we truly appreciate this.

Patrick M

The value of personalized service
We had some staff changes and needed immediate assistance getting the new members of the team up to speed on PartsBase Government Data. Our dedicated customer service manager gave us the kind of one on one attention and time needed to get us on the right track! His service as our account manager has been outstanding and second to none!! Many thanks to Chad and everyone at PartsBase Government Data!

Pete B

Customer Focus
I wanted to take a moment and thank you for getting your IT folks to add delivery days to Hawser Sling Co dashboard. In this age of automation and innovation, nurturing relationships with your customers is a crucial part of growing a successful business. Creating a customer focused culture puts PartsBase Government Data and its customers into a higher class of business. From everyone at Hawser Sling Co, we thank you.

John N

On the value of service and innovation...
This testimonial is to let the PartsBase Government Data team know that they've done a great job and to let potential customers know why PartsBase Government Data would still be my vendor of choice for procurement management solutions. Guill Tool became a customer in 2014 and immediately the system began to help the Defense Sales Division at Guill Tool. The customer service was a great help in setting up our profile so that we would receive RFQ's that fit our capabilities.

In the four years that we've been using PartsBase Government Data they have made many improvements. Our account manager is very knowledgeable about the system and every time there are enhancements made he contacts me to inform me of the improvements. In four years the system has truly become a world class procurement package. I use it for eight hours plus every day and I'm very pleased with both the software and support. If you'd like to talk to me about the PartsBase Government Data solution, please let me know. Great job PartsBase Government Data!!

Mark B

To the PartsBase Government Data Team on the value of trained professionals

QAC takes great satisfaction on extending a word of gratitude to the PARTSBASE GOVERNMENT DATA team for assisting us on becoming a US government supplier of aerospace parts.

Thanks to their expertise, and diligence we have increased our business revenues substantially. Their highly trained professionals have made our journey incredibly painless. Their recommendations have been extremely valuable in learning how we should adapt our business to pursuing government solicitations.

Reynaldo Z

On the value of going the extra mile
Thanks Andrew. I got the bid in. It's a reverse auction and I'm in the lead at the moment.
The PartsBase Government Data database had the information I needed and my customer service representative helped me navigate from different points until we found the solicitation. I then put in the bid and was in the lead for winning the contract. I really like that I can call Andrew and he jumps right in to help me on difficult searches. Also, I get so many daily leads from PartsBase Government Data that I have a hard time keeping up!

Jerry M

Our success rate has dramatically increased with the use of the software's filtering system. Our efforts are strategically focused on reviewing contracts best suited for our company.

Mike O

PartsBase Government Data provides us with aggregated data from numerous solicitation sources and an intuitive user interface; saving our company the time of having to go into various government systems. It has enabled us to identify both legacy and 'new-to-us' manufacturing work from the military. As a small, family-owned job shop looking to secure more government contracts, this service has more than paid for itself and is a vital part of our daily sales lead activities.

Blue Ash Tool & Die Co., Inc. (Cincinnati, OH)

PartsBase Government Data has greatly expanded our sales potential with their excellent fltering of available government solicitations and competitor information. Now it is easy to see only the useful opportunities, and the daunting task of government sales is pared down to a manageable size.

Lawrence S, Manager

PartsBase Government Data has helped me with my business. Andrew Smith is very professional and courteous. He has really helped me stay on TOP. Just wanted to say "Thank You"!

Daniel C

The service is by far the most comprehensive service available, which has allowed us to save countless hours weeding through government requirements that fit our capabilities.

Krista M - Government Business Development Manager

I want to thank you for all the above and beyond work you did for me regarding the batch files. I have been very specific on what I need and it was great that you were able to understand them all. After seeing the "send to batch" button feature on the contract bidding page, I have decided to change from using the SOS service to yours. Looking forward to many years of working with your company.

Peter C

When I first signed up for PartsBase Government Data, I saw it's value, but had no idea how much time it could save, let alone how much new business it could find us. After the first 30 days, we had found 10 new contracts to bid on. Using the advanced research tool, we scrutinized our competition for pricing advantages and to make sure we were not wasting time on contracts we could not win. I am happy to say we have won OVER $100,000 IN NEW BUSINESS with the DLA found directly through the PartsBase Government Data portal and $57,000 IN BUSINESS made possible through your advanced research tool. These are contracts we never would have found or bid on prior to having your service. To say your service has a MONSTER ROI is an understatement. Beyond the new business we won, the PartsBase Government Data's staff expertly guided me through some complex sign-in issues and even called the DLA helpline with me on the phone. Customer service like this is hard to come by nowadays. I can not thank you enough!