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The PartsBase Government Data product is a comprehensive single source Government Research and Solicitation Monitoring Tool. By using PartsBase Government Data, government contractors can more effectively streamline the process of researching, finding and winning DoD contract awards.

In order to competitively bid on and win open solicitations, contractors must have access to notifications on new award opportunities. Regardless of the thoroughness of a company's current sourcing practices, it is impossible for them to uncover EVERY contract possibility. In other words… THEY ARE MISSING SOMETHING!!! By using PartsBase Government Data , members are able to receive real time bid notifications via our web portal 24x7 and research them instantly. This ensures that they will never miss an opportunity to make money!
PartsBase Government Data' Contract Bidding combines coverage of hundreds of defense purchasing facilities, with real-time rules creation and editing, matching by Part Numbers and/or NSNs, FSCs, CAGE Codes (MCRL & Procurement), and Keyword (nomenclature) - even by an entire Source of Supply. Each potential opportunity is delivered with full FLIS and Procurement History to effectively manage and successfully bid. PartsBase Government Data members gain two important commodities - Time & Money.

One of the major benefits of PartsBase Government Data is its ability to access the full spectrum of DoD activity, not just DLA alone. PartsBase Government Data actively scrubs large and small dollar opportunities from DLA, ARMY, NAVY, AIRFORCE, and several other sources of supply to bring customers data from all corners of the DoD, giving them a tool to gain a competitive edge in their marketplace.

What this means for you is whether you're looking for RFQs or RFPs from DIBBS, NECO, ASFI or AFMC, PartsBase Government Data will make sure these opportunities are delivered to your inbox as they become available. Results are presented with custom sorting and filtering as well as the ability to export in order to ensure that you see every available opportunity for every one of your rules while allowing multiple users to contribute to your company's growth without interfering with each other thereby increasing your potential ROI with PartsBase Government Data and within your company.

Additionally, each opportunity is delivered with full FLIS (ML-C, MCRL, MOE, Freight, Packaging, Cancellation/Replacement and Technical Characteristics, I&S) and Procurement History so you can see who did what, when and for how much - thereby providing you with the market intelligence that will allow you to effectively make decisions that impact you revenue stream.
PartsBase Government Data' Market Research tool greatly aids contractors by significantly improving the quality of research they run daily on National Stock Numbers and CAGE codes. This allows them to have access to otherwise difficult to locate data, thereby allowing them to delineate the differences and relationships between products and suppliers, and determine the impact on revenue.

PartsBase Government Data supplies invaluable NSN and Cage research data to assist you in determining which contracts to pursue. The Government Market Research segment contains valuable data on National Stock Numbers, Cage Code Holders, Federal Supply Class Information and more. This data is refreshed as frequently as it is available to ensure you have access to a full and complete NSN database, accurate CAGE Code or company information and accurate product classification.

The depth of the product data available through PartsBase Government Data allows customers to fully investigate the NSNs and Cages they are researching. For NSNs, PartsBase Government Data provides detailed information on including ML-C (Management Data), MCRL (Master Cross Reference Library), Procurement History, MOE data (Major Organizational Entity), Freight, Packaging, Cancelation/Replacement, Technical Characteristics, Interchangeability/Substitutability and Vendor Summaries all in one central and up to date location.

For CAGE codes, PartsBase Government Data provides macro and micro views about companies to effectively be better able to compete and gain an unparalleled edge in the market. Furthermore, the CAGE Code information (H4/H8) is refreshed just as new data is available to ensure you have access to accurate and up to date company information including SAM (System for Award Management) registration key data points. This data is customizable and exportable in order for you to maximize your return on the information you need.

One of the most valuable features of the Market Research tool is the ability to closely identify and track Competition, or CAGE codes. Reports supply comparative analytics on competitor's P&L for contracts awarded, giving customers the power to effectively target new business opportunities and recognize areas of strength and weakness in the marketplace - to whom did your competitor sell, what was sold, when and how much…
The ease of use and commonality of the systems' graphic interface makes PartsBase Government Data user friendly and aids customers in maximizing their productivity. Sorting and filtering results are simple tasks, setting match criteria takes seconds, and award history & pertinent contract information are at your fingertips.

PartsBase Government Data customer service is part of every membership. You are assigned a dedicated and knowledgeable specialist available daily, Monday through Friday from 8:00AM to 5:00PM (ET).
Compare the benefits Gov't Websites Direct Gov't Notification PartsBase Government Data
Single Source gateway for bid-matching and research NO NO YES
Data export availability - export all or just what's imprtant to you NO NO YES
Opportunities delivered in real time with full FLIS, shipping information, PID, DLA Forecast and History NO NO YES
Automatic notification on products you sold or bid in the past - either broad or rule based NO NO YES
Consolidated large & small dollar-value opportunities from DLA, ARMY, NAVY & AIR FORCE including FBO and APFS NO NO YES
Full product and company based research - PN and NSN xref, CAGE lookup with SAM information n/a n/a YES
Custom reporting with data export availability - identify what's relevant and export for later use n/a n/a YES
Procurement History dating back to the 1950's n/a n/a YES
Advanced research with analytics - find out what, when & how n/a n/a YES
Full featured Batch Search Manager which delivers any and all data sought in minutes n/a n/a YES
Dedicated Account Service Rep & Congruency across the platform NO NO YES