Media Solutions

Banner and Billboard Advertising

Govgistics Inc provides Banner and Billboard advertising, which allows you to promote your company to a defense marketplace and get your message out to companies that are looking for and need your services. Our website receives an average of 40,000 visits per month with over 2300 sessions per day

Put your name in front of the people who matter and get you message in front of key decision makers.

With over 2,000 logins per day, your Billboard will be noticed by a defense products and services community! A Billboard is the best way to promote your company, your products and your services to buyers whom are looking for your capabilities.

Billboards are placed directly next to the Log-In area so you are guaranteed Govgistics end users will view your message. Every member must log in and there is nothing else on the page except your very large Billboard Ad which is the only billboard displayed during the session.

Govgistics members view on average over 25,000 pages per day. Your run-of-site banner is displayed on every page and is in front of every buyer and key decision maker. Are you ISO certified or compliant? Is your business HUBZONE Certified? Do you provide packaging, RFID and labeling to the defense community? Let your message stand out and find business you never knew existed from companies looking for just what you’re offering.