Website Design & Online Brand Development

Website Design

In the eyes of consumers, your business is judged almost entirely on what is found online. Today everything from reviews to photos and videos and so much more, are at the fingertips of the modern day consumer within seconds. With this information, and only within seconds, an opinion is made on your business, product or brand. This opinion becomes the initial perception of potential consumers about your business. Your website plays a mission critical role in influencing this perception.

Today, more than ever, your company website is your first impression. Many website design firms and businesses like yours, focus most their budget and efforts on creating the look of their website with very little regard for how it may perform online. A great looking website is undoubtedly important, but a functional website, built with conversion in mind and properly optimized for search engine rankings is simply more important.

At Govgistics we provide turnkey, full service website design and online brand development services. At the end of the day, we believe an increase in your bottom line sales should be the primary sign of a successful online marketing strategy and website, because is ensures a healthy return on your marketing investment. The effectiveness of any online marketing strategy depends a great deal on the design, engineering and performance of your website.

At Govgistics, every single one of our custom designed websites are built from the bottom up. Your website should be as unique as your own business and represent your business online how it deserves to be represented. Our experienced team of marketing professionals and developers generate extensive research on your industry and combine this information with an analysis of your company’s specific requirements. Our expert team then work to identify and define the best execution of your online marketing plan and website development plan. The final result will be a beautiful, functional, search engine friendly website that will, in time, become your 24-hour online profit building machine.

The Govgistics Difference - Components of a Successful Website

  1. Design: After conducting extensive research on competitors and industry leaders, your website will be custom tailored to increase sales, brand awareness, consumer confidence and provide your business with a strong return on investment, all while looking great.
  2. Navigation & Functionality: Govgistics web engineer’s custom design every new website to be user friendly, practical, navigable and reliable. Buying your product or acquiring your services online should be a smooth, and pleasurable experience for your clients & consumers.
  3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): The best looking site on the internet serves no purpose if the right customers can’t find it or doesn’t know it exists. Search Engine Optimization is absolutely mission critical for websites to increase their visibility and market reach. With an optimized website your business has its best chance of being placed directly in front of your potential customers and clients on search engines online. All of our custom websites are also designed for mobile usability and compatibility on multiple devices from desktops and laptops to smart phones and tablets.
  4. Content: To rank well in online search, appeal to online consumers, and build and develop your overall brand in the eyes of your potential clients online, content is king. Our Govgistics writers will fill your new site with unique keyword rich content that is not only informative to those visiting your site but also appealing to search engine bots.